Wellsystem Dry Water Massage

The heated dry water platform on the Wellsystem Dry Water Massage along with massage jets and aroma-therapy are the perfect combinations to offer one of the most peaceful, soothing massage experiences around.

Wellsystem Dry Water Massage Table

Wellsystem Dry Water Massage offers many rejuvenating benefits:

  • Decrease Muscle Tensions
  • Correct Muscular Imbalances
  • Optimize Muscle Tone
  • Improve Local Blood Circulation and Metabolism
  • Venous and Lymphatic Unblocking
  • Loosen Subcutaneous Tissue

Zero Gravity Full Body and Foot Massage

Rejuvenate, relax and escape with our luxurious Fujimi Zero Gravity Full Body and Foot Massage. It’s truly unique! Melt into comfort as the Fujimi massage chair engulfs and pampers sore muscles, gently rubs and stimulates tired feet and soothes away stress. Find yourself lulled into a sense of total relaxation. Choose from numerous settings to customize your experience to fit your massage needs. Enjoy a full body massage or isolate specific muscle groups.

Fujimi Zero Gravity Full Body and Foot Massage

Wellness Made Easy.

Pair Massage + STRESS EASE

Exclusively at California Sun: Curated Wellness Supplements to pair with your favorite spa modalities.

  • Restores vitality, energy, and mental performance.
  • Maintain balance and focus.
  • Contains unique herbal nutraceuticals like adaptogens including Ashwagandha, Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola, and L-theanine with Eleuthero.

Available in stores and online.

Ask your Spa Consultant about Touchless Massage

Want to Experience Dry Water or Zero Gravity Massage for the First Time?

Ask any Spa Consultant to assist. We love helping our members try new treatments.

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