California Sun Wellness Spa

Arrive at the California Sun near you showered, shaven, free of make-up, perfume, oil, body sprays, deodorant and moisturizer for optimal results. Some also prefer to exfoliate prior to their sunless session so solution has fresh, less-flaky skin during application. Bring loose, dark fitting clothing for after your session. You will be flaunting a gorgeous tan in just sixty seconds plus dry time for the application. About a total of 10 to 15 minutes with prep and post preparation.

Exclusively at California Sun: CaliGlo Products

Sugar Scrub – Gently exfoliate prior to your sunless tan. This step is essential to help slough off dead skin cells and provide you with the smoothest canvas for your airbrush tan. Plus, exfoliating prior to your session guarantees your color lasts as long as possible!

Pro Tip: Use the sugar scrub with your natural tan from sunbeds to gently exfoliate without stripping your tan! This is also great to avoid excess build-up of DHA from your tanning products.

pH Spray – The skin’s pH level can vary based on products used in our daily routine which cause our protein level to become imbalanced. Our pH Prep Spray will help balance these levels to neutralize red and orange undertones and deliver the most brown, natural looking color, plus longer lasting results!

Pro Tip: pH Prep Spray can also be applied prior to indoor tanning lotion and will have the same benefits for a natural suntan!

Also from CaliGlo Bronzing Mousse – For a touch up on the go or just an extra boost of color, our Bronzing Mousse will be your best friend! Great to travel with for vacations or keep on hand for when you need a boost in color. Pump a liberal amount of mousse onto the applicator mitt and apply in long, circular motions to the body and face. Use any excess product to lightly blend over the hands and feet. Wait for 8-hours before showering.