Base – Build – Bronze

Every California Sun location features the best in luxury sunbeds from the German based industry leader, Ergoline. Whether you are new to tanning, getting ready for your dream vacation or just want to look like you’ve been, our Spa Consultants are committed to helping you look and feel your very best.

Bronze Level Sunbeds

State-of-the-art technology meets luxury, relaxation and comfort with our premiere Bronze Level Sunbeds. Bronze Level Sunbeds take your tanning to the max, bronzing it out for the deepest, darkest and longest lasting color.

Bronze Level Sunbeds feature luxurious options including high pressure lamps, air conditioning, climate control plus upgraded sound systems, MP3 and more! Bronze Beds are available with our All Access membership. ($40 per session for non-members).

Build Level Sunbeds

Now that you have established that beautiful, glowing base tan, take your tan to the next level with our Build beds! More intense color, facial lamps and stand-up tanning options await in addition to a deeper, more long lasting tan. Build Level Sunbeds are included in our All Access membership.

Base Level Sunbeds

Our Base beds are designed to help establish and maintain a rich and vibrant base tan. Our California Club & All Access memberships offer unlimited* tanning in our Base beds.