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There are as many answers to the question "can I tan with tattoos?" as there are tattoos. In fact, tattoos vary so much there is no 'right' answer. There are many factors to consider: the age of your tattoo, how recent you got them, the amount of detail, the color, location and size, would all play a role. Two things we can all agree on: a lot of people have tattoos now and some basic common sense is what is in order for exposure to sunlight and UV.

First, if you are really worried about tanning your tattoo, be safe. Cover it when in direct sunlight or UV, whether indoors or outside. 'When in doubt, sunblock it out.' Apply sunscreen daily. If your tattoos are new, please be sure to follow the advice of the tattoo artist who did the work. Most will advise at minimum days or weeks out of any direct UV light of any kind. Follow their instructions as they may be specific to your tattoo. The Red Light Therapy, Halotherapy and Infrared Trim Pod at California Sun are known to not affect tattoos.

Always stay hydrated and moisturized. Most online advice would agree that moisturizing and hydrating extend the artistic quality of tattoos.

Get it for the holidays! If you plan on getting a tattoo, winter is always the best logical time to do it! Then you should be ready for that summertime glow on schedule.

The industry is also listening! There are products coming online every day like LVX by Designer Skin that address tattoos. LVX by Designer Skin is new in 2022 and has "Embellished Tattoo Protection that reveals the natural beauty of tattoos by deeply moisturizing and conditioning for vibrancy and clarity." It is an amazing bronzer for anytime and any gender but also has specific ingredients for the tattoo enthused. Enjoy! Available at California Sun now.