California Sun Wellness Spa

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.

Wellness as a trend is pretty new but wellness in practice goes back centuries. In the past it might be have been referred to 'balance' or 'enlightenment' or 'being present' or even 'being well rounded'. In more modern terms 'everything in moderation' or 'don't put all your eggs in one basket' apply. The core concept of Wellness is 'do a little bit of everything and not too much of anything and be conscious of it, so that over time, you become more at ease with life'.

That's actually not 'over simplifying' Wellness. It's supposed to be simple. To make it even easier, it's displayed graphically as high level categories in The Wellness Wheel you see here. Take a second to look at it.

The basics are simple and anyone can use The Wellness Wheel because your commitment level is totally personal. There are a number of categories of life activities, usually varying from 4 up to 12 with items such as Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Occupational. Some wheels feature Nutritional and or alternates like "Career" or "Financial". Tap or right click to download this wheel or do a Google Images Search for more. Drawing your own is fine too but not if it's just a circle that says 'yoga' in the middle. If you leave off the things you don't 'love', it defeats the purpose.

To get started, take some time out (right now) to consider how much time/effort you spent in each category over the last 24 hours. If you went for a walk for example, you did an activity in Physical. Did you vacuum? You worked a little on your Environmental. Did you skip lunch or eat? Was it fast food or healthy? Physical/Nutritional.  Did you spend the entire day at work and none with family? Or was it 80/20? Score in Occupational but are you neglecting Social/Spiritual/Emotional? The goal is to more equally and sanely divide your time & energy amongst all the categories in your wheel for better balance and a healthier lifestyle.

Most people will notice right away that humans tend to focus 100% on things we love to the exclusion of things we don't. We might be an exercise fanatic but maybe our home is in disarray because we don't 'love' cleaning. That might lead to feeling 'like a slob' despite having shredded abs! Why? We are spending too much time on Physical and none on Environmental. Wellness simply says, "it's ok to love the gym [Physical] but lets make 20 minutes a night to speed clean our home [Environmental] and consciously leave the gym early to make it reality.". As you distribute your efforts, you'll find yourself more at ease with life.

How do we (you & us) practice Wellness at California Sun?

Just being a member of a spa, club or gym and taking time for self care is Emotional, Social, Spiritual & Physical Wellness.

At California Sun, we have modalities targeted at specific areas of Wellness like our Infrared Trim Pods [Physical] soothing as it detoxifies and sheds water weight. Red Light Therapy w/ Vibra Shape is 20,000 steps in 10 minutes [Physical]. Halotherapy is a meditative experience that is both Spiritual & calming with potential Physical benefits. Massage covers so many categories! Self Care, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical...highly recommended.

Tanning and beauty can be your Social/Emotional or even your Occupational Wellness. Maybe you want to be a model or body builder or looking healthy just helps you succeed through increased confidence. Be creative and be honest with yourself and over time you will find yourself more at ease, feeling like you have more time with less pressure, are more healthy and happy with life and your relationships.

"Wellness from Within" is our own exclusive concept at California Sun, matching Wellness Supplements with our Wellness modalities for even better overall Wellness results. No one has done that before and it is so successful we just added a new product. All of our amazing supplements are made exclusively for California Sun by Dr. Ban Truong, a physician with a PhD in Nutrition, and who is quadruple board certified in Emergency Medicine, Obesity Medicine, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and is a Physician Nutrition Specialist.

If you would like to know more about our Wellness Supplements, go to (The ws is for Wellness Supplements) to be redirected to our online store. Get a FREE month when you use 'freemonth' at checkout.* All our offers are available in spas too! Just ask any Spa Consultant for information.

We always wish you luck in a lifetime of pursuing Wellness for yourself and your loved ones! If you have feedback about how we can better serve your Wellness goals, let us know.

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